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Billing (5)
All questions related to billing here.
Domains (3)
All questions relating to domains can be found here.
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All Email topics can be found here.
Getting Started (7)
You've joined our kingdom. Now let's get you started :)
Pre-Sales (3)
All pre-sales questions are found here.
VPS (1)
For everything related to managing your VPS
Logging into cPanel and Webmail
1.) Log into your Client Area. If you have forgotten your password just click here for a reset....
Do you support 3rd Party Software?
We don't officially. However, clients are welcome to use our forums where unofficial support will...
How do I take backups of my account?
It's important you take regular backups of your entire account's data. We do take backups...
How do I add a favicon to my website?
A favicon (short for favorites icon), or bookmark icon is a 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64 pixel square...
I haven't changed the nameservers yet. Can I still visit my site?
Yes, You see your site as soon as you receive your welcome email.   We provide you...

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