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How do I take backups of my account?

It's important you take regular backups of your entire account's data. We do take backups automatically, however in some rare cases these can become corrupt. It's important you take backups often and verify their integrity.

Monkey Says: It's important you take regular backups.

How to take backups

1.) Head into your cPanel.

2.) Scroll to the backups section and click  the backups icon.

3.) You will see many options, most notably "Download a MySQL Database Backup", "Download a Home Directory Backup" and "Full Backup".

4.) We strongly recommend a full backup is taken often. More often then any other type. A Full backup will backup all your data including your databases, and your email forwarders and filters.

5.) Simply click "Download or Generate a full web site backup".

6.) You can set your backup directory as the home directory. We recommend that as you can download and delete once complete. Or you can set-up a remote FTP server.

7.) Enter your email if you want to be notified when its complete.

8.) We recommend the backup is opened to see if their are any errors within. You can use a test function in winrar or winzip.

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